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(posted on 21 Nov 2020)

Digital Art Experiences in Burnaby Parks

December 7 – January 15
Experience the arts this holiday season from the comfort of your own phone! Find posters in parks around Burnaby and then simply scan a QR code and enjoy a video on the spot hosted by dancers, artists, musicians, poets, puppeteers, storytellers and more!

While exploring Burnaby, find these free cultural video experiences at the following locations:

  • Confederation Park
  • Burnaby Mountain
  • Cameron Park
  • Barnet Marine Park
  • Edmonds Park
  • Fraser Foreshore Park
  • Byrne Creek Ravine
  • Central Park
  • Civic Square
  • Deer Lake Park
  • Burnaby City Hall 

    I will be talking about my work Tight Rope 


The images shows the early stages of the 10-footlong hand embroidery 

During the time at home Spring 2020 I am working on a long embroidery based on the figures in the frescos at the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii painted in 70 BCE. These figures are performing in a Dionysian ritual. The figures are almost all women, are exquisitely painted in a hugely challenging technique and the painter is not named. 

I am creating other embroideries based on relationships of figures in the city during the 'social distancing' we are practicing, that are inspired by the interrelationships and 'spaces between' of the 29 figures in the Villa of the Mysteries frescos. 

More to come: 


The Curator and I have been talking about the figures and the subtitle for the show is : The Mystery of Craft.  



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